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weeks 10 to 13

As I approached the end of this project, it felt like a whirlwind of emotions and experiences. Despite having planned out my initial tasks on my action plan, I quickly realised that art cannot be constrained by rigid planning. I encountered uncertainty, creative blocks, illness, and the constant battle between my artistic ambitions and the limitations of time and resources. Furthermore, I had the additional challenge of being ill with COVID for 2 weeks and needing to go to the hospital for anti-viral treatment. Looking back, these past 13 weeks have been a rollercoaster ride, but maybe that was expected.

Fortunately, as the deadline approached and the magazine was sent off for printing, I found some respite. Although I couldn't devote as much time to practical work, the process of curating Art Foundry provided me with ample space for reflection and contemplation. Once the magazine was completed and sent off, I finally felt a sense of clarity regarding my own project. I was fortunate to receive assistance from Sally, our 2D technician, who generously offered her guidance and support to help me and the other Art Foundry editor get back on track with our final major projects.

During this diploma project, I pushed myself both physically and mentally in the best possible ways. I have created and designed incredible pieces that I could never have envisioned before. Over the course of the past year, my art has transformed from something small and delicate, almost unassuming, to something big, bold, clever, and hopefully thought-provoking. Reflecting on this transformation, I realise that all the challenges I have faced have been worth it.

Undoubtedly, these last few weeks have been filled with stress and exhaustion. I have worked long days, sacrificed my free time, and dedicated myself to perfecting my portrait, and canvas and developing my website. However, as the project nears its conclusion, I get a wave of reflection. It's a moment of self-analysis where I have contemplated the journey I have undertaken from the initial spark of an idea to the completion of my final piece. I recall the hurdles I overcame, the moments of creative blockage, and the exhilaration of breakthroughs and lightbulb moments. I've contemplated the decisions I made, the techniques I've explored, and the valuable lessons I've learnt. Looking at the finished artwork, I feel a profound sense of achievement and fulfilment, knowing that I poured my heart and soul into every squiggle, every print, and every aspect of my website.

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