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weeks 1 to 3

From February 20th to March 6th, I encountered difficulties in narrowing down a specific concept for my project. I aimed to create a final piece that not only shared my personal experiences but also resonated with a diverse audience. To kick-start the process, I dedicated the initial weeks to gathering primary research from my peers. Additionally, I extended my research by posing the same questions to my family, friends, and neighbours, to gather a wider range of perspectives.

During moments of artistic blockage and uncertainty, I found great assistance in employing mind maps and word clouds to stimulate my thinking. These visual tools proved invaluable in overcoming creative obstacles and assisting me in making a definitive choice regarding my concept.

As I sought advice from tutors and delved into the meaning of "Fin De Siècle," it became apparent that the project should centre around contemporary frustrations, confusion, and turbulence. Various potential themes emerged, including Brexit, the Post Pandemic world, the Cost of living crisis, ongoing wars, the Ukraine conflict, and the development of AI. The topic of AI, in particular, led me to contemplate humanity's struggle with disappearing jobs and our diminishing capacity for physical connection due to the extensive influence of social media. The increasing reliance on self-scanning machines at supermarkets and the ability to perform tasks like banking without leaving our homes served as extreme examples of this trend.

During a conversation with Pav about the societal changes between now and a century ago, specifically concerning human interactions, I began to explore the notion of judgments. Refining the concept of judgment and seeking inspiration from contextual artists, my thoughts shifted towards subconscious judgments and biases. It was at this point that I realised my chosen topic would be subconscious biases, as it was something I could draw upon from my own life experiences. I believe it possesses the strength to establish a meaningful connection and dialogue between myself and the audience.

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