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initial mind-maps and assossiation words


Once getting the title and theme for our final major project 'Fin De Siècle' I didn't have a clear idea come to mind for a direction to head in, so I made a start by just writing down some inspiration/association words to see if something started jumping out to me, and something that Pav (course leader) had said to use during class: "Find new ways to do things" really stuck in my head and inspired me to make something clever with this project and hopefully make not only myself think twice but also the audience. 

Colorful Minimalist Business Plan Diagram Infographic Mind Map (1).png

After creating a map of initial inspiration words, I then took a dictionary and started researching synonyms for the words that were jumping out at me the most, to further my contextual research and hope to inspire me further. 


I then started to take the words that were inspiring me and turn them into topics/themes that I could use for my project. 
Using references and experiences from my own life and also my peers, while also being conscious and confident with my learning that in this creative process, understanding the link between form and content and the creative elements of linking conceptual thinking is what I think makes art engaging and creating something within those parameters creates an end piece that has my authentic and artistic thumbprint which is developing throughout this diploma. 
When thinking of Fin De Siècle in terms of an end of a century and the end of times/things as we have known them, I'm realising that I want to take on a sociological outlook throughout this project. 


Wilde, J. and Wilde, R. (2015) Process - a new foundation in art and Design. Laurence King Publishing. ISBN: 9781780677286

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