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first presentation

After creating a presentation to present to the class and tutors, I collected some initial ideas and artistic references and I knew that what I wanted to achieve with this presentation was a conversation with the peers and tutors about what felt relatable to them and get some primary research. 

At the end of my presentation, I asked the class what (if anything) jumped out at them as interesting or engaging and then I also went back to 'Inspiration words...' (second slide) and asked people if they could select 1-3 words that they felt relatable to them to further my primary research but also aid me in finding more inspiration and focus. 

After collecting everyone's answers I then made a Word Cloud with the data. 


Once I had collated all of these elements and contextual ideas and references, I was slowly, slowly developing the idea of creating an installation that challenges society's judgements, expectations, differences and deceptions while also reminding people that we are one race, we live on one planet, we breathe the same air and we might need to learn how to appreciate and share kindness subconsciously. 

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