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final evaluation

As all the elements merged and harmonised within my installation as I'd hoped they would, I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride; it exuded an enticing aura. I hope it is compelling to the viewers to ponder its intricacies, hinting at the profound depths of our human minds, while playfully teasing with a touch of cheekiness and kindness. 
Even if the audience fails to grasp its significance in the moment, I hope that it will linger in their minds, subconsciously urging them to unravel and scrutinise what its true meaning might be.

In the culmination of these three vital components, an epiphany washed over me, the title of my final major project piece: "The Power of Three." There is the colour and sense element, the audible breathing element and the triggering of the audience's minds. This realisation further solidified my identity as an artist, filling me with a sense of accomplishment for my work. With each stroke of creativity, I am slowly but surely transforming into what I can now proudly consider a 'proper' artist, driven by the amalgamation of my skills, passion, and vision.

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