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optical illusion test

Trying to refine my project and find a cleaner way to communicate my message about the subconscious biases we hold and how we can challenge them, I am taking inspiration from Lee Wagstaff's optical illusion faces. 
I am hoping to create my own version of this and I think it would be a nice personalised touch if I used my 'subconscious' doodles, the scribbles that we draw when we're on the phone to the bank, or doodling while we're listening to something. 
Firstly I used an automatic optical illusion generator online to see how I could manipulate it. I was also interested to see if the programme showed you how to take a photo and turn it into an OP illusion. 
Unfortunately, it didn't show me how to change the image and therefore create the optical illusion, so I will need to break down how Wagstaff possibly creates his OI portraits to re-create this. But it was interesting to create an initial optical illusion. 

Shape 26.png


- (no date) Optical illusion generator. Available at: (Accessed: March 30, 2023).

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