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In designing my exhibition, I intended to create an experience that would resonate with all audiences. As I reviewed my website before submission, I came across a statement from the early stages of this project that still holds immense significance: "I was slowly, slowly developing the idea of creating an installation that challenges society's judgments, expectations, differences, and deceptions while also reminding people that we are one race, we live on one planet, we breathe the same air, and we might need to learn how to appreciate and share kindness subconsciously." This idea remains at the core of my final outcome, and I believe I have successfully achieved creating something that encapsulates this. 

I want to emphasise that there is no specific target audience for my work, as this is a topic that concerns all of humankind. The effectiveness of conveying this message through my artwork, understandably, relies on the state of mind and willingness of individuals to acknowledge it. Whether it is an immediate understanding or something that lingers and is subconsciously pondered in the weeks to come, the essence of what I am trying to communicate aligns precisely with my initial statement. Despite the conceptual struggles and artistic challenges I encountered along the way, I am confident that I have achieved my goal of reminding people that we are all one race, sharing one planet, breathing the same air, and nurturing our inherent kindness.

As I reflect on my journey, I am grateful for the opportunity to explore these profound concepts and translate them into a visual experience. I hope that my exhibition serves as an encouragement for self-observation and analysis, prompting viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of humanity and the importance of fostering kindness in our subconscious to reduce the impact of unconscious bias.

I hope that my work communicates a meaningful and thought-provoking installation that speaks to the universal nature of our shared existence.

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