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conceptual problem consideration 

I encountered a significant conceptual challenge during my creative process, primarily revolving around the difficulty of selecting a clear direction to pursue. I found myself overwhelmed by the myriad of ideas swirling in my mind, yet none of them seemed to possess the strength necessary for me to commit to a specific concept. This sense of indecisiveness proved to be incredibly frustrating, as I yearned for a cohesive and powerful artistic direction, but struggled to know how to resolve this as it was my first time really experiencing this during the Foundation Diploma. 

To address this dilemma, I actively sought guidance from my teachers, peers, and friends. Recognising the importance of creating a final piece that could truly resonate with the audience (as this is a strong motivator for me when creating art), I sought their advice and insights. Paradoxically, this pursuit of resonance with the viewers added to my internal turmoil, causing additional, and perhaps unnecessary, stress regarding the final direction I should ultimately choose.


After completing my own experiment inspired by Gillian Wearing, I began to gain a clearer understanding of the direction I wished to pursue. The experiment not only visually highlighted the theme of subconscious biases, but it also deeply engaged all those who participated. It was a combination of humility and intrigue that compelled everyone, myself included, to eagerly await Pav's interpretation of their responses. As mentioned earlier, the "lightbulb" moment for me was witnessing and experiencing the profound connection it created, along with the warmth, playfulness, and humor that enveloped it. 


The experiment struck a perfect balance, being thought-provoking, clever, and above all, lighthearted. An unspoken human connection permeated throughout this endeavor, marking a significant developmental milestone for me.


Recognising the desire to recreate this sense of connection within my exhibition installation, I faced the challenge of conceptual transformation. I realised that duplicating the exact experiment with the visiting audience might not be possible, prompting me to explore alternative ways of preserving the human element while reshaping the appearance.

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