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While I'm not one to boast about my accomplishments, I can now take a step back, immerse myself in my installation, and genuinely feel a sense of pride in the outcome. Throughout this journey, I challenged my own subconscious and conscious limitations and resisted the social pressure to create trendy or superficially appealing artwork. Instead, I remained true to my vision and ambitions.

The execution of my exhibition posed its challenges, and as the installation period neared its end, I couldn't help but feel a tinge of disappointment and underwhelm. However, with a fresh perspective gained a couple of days later, I realised the importance of taking a step back, resting, and approaching my work with a renewed mindset. It dawned on me that my intention was never to overwhelm viewers or seek superficial attention; rather, I aimed to challenge their subconsciousness, or 'state of being' - which is often quiet, ingrained, and profound and this I believe I have achieved. 

Throughout my research and contemplation, I came to understand the significance of using art to challenge prevailing norms. It doesn't always require bold and brash statements; instead, the most effective approach involves creating a language through the concepts and outcomes of artwork. This understanding profoundly influenced the final presentation of my exhibition. So, while my piece may not be the most visually striking or captivating from a distance, I am confident that I made the best decisions to ensure that my concept and outcome speak harmoniously to each other.


In designing my exhibition, I intended to create an experience that would resonate with all audiences. As I reviewed my website before submission, I came across a statement from the early stages of this project that still holds immense significance: "I was slowly, slowly developing the idea of creating an installation that challenges society's judgments, expectations, differences, and deceptions while also reminding people that we are one race, we live on one planet, we breathe the same air, and we might need to learn how to appreciate and share kindness subconsciously." This idea remains at the core of my final outcome, and I believe I have successfully achieved creating something that encapsulates this. 

I want to emphasise that there is no specific target audience for my work, as this is a topic that concerns all of humankind. The effectiveness of conveying this message through my artwork, understandably, relies on the state of mind and willingness of individuals to acknowledge it. Whether it is an immediate understanding or something that lingers and is subconsciously pondered in the weeks to come, the essence of what I am trying to communicate aligns precisely with my initial statement. Despite the conceptual struggles and artistic challenges I encountered along the way, I am confident that I have achieved my goal of reminding people that we are all one race, sharing one planet, breathing the same air, and nurturing our inherent kindness.

As I reflect on my journey, I am grateful for the opportunity to explore these profound concepts and translate them into a visual experience. I hope that my exhibition serves as an encouragement for self-observation and analysis, prompting viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of humanity and the importance of fostering kindness in our subconscious to reduce the impact of unconscious bias.

I hope that my work communicates a meaningful and thought-provoking installation that speaks to the universal nature of our shared existence.

Due to the limited time between exhibition deadline and portfolio deadline, and also the nature of the environment at college considering everyone in the art department is setting up their own exhibitions, it meant that there was limited opportunities to receive feedback, but nonetheless, what I did receive was lovely and thought-provoking for myself. 

"So is the portrait made up of our subconsciousness? It looks like how mine feels."

"Is the gold bit representing the practice of Kintsugi where everything broken can be re-fixed?"

"It's subtle but powerful"

"I thought about that wink all night."

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