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art foundry planning, production and progress

During the development of the Art Foundry magazine, it was essential for me and my fellow student curator to maintain a high level of organisation. This involved effectively managing various elements and information collected from individuals featured in the magazine, while also addressing the challenge of working remotely on occasion. Clear communication was key to ensure that our efforts were coordinated and that there was no duplication of work.

To facilitate our organisation, we utilised tools such as Excel sheets and OneNote files, which were shared

between us. We found that colour coding proved to be the simplest and most effective method for indicating individual responsibilities and developmental stages. Additionally, we would leave each other notes during times when we both felt overwhelmed, offering support and guidance.

These organisational strategies played a crucial role in the success of the Art Foundry magazine, ensuring a consistent workflow and greatly enhancing our planning and progress skills throughout the production process.

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