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bringing sound into the installation

Air SVG.png

As I was combining the doodles and the face, I had an idea to make the installation more engaging by incorporating breathing as an important element, I decided to add the sound of someone breathing playing in the background, synced with the Optical Illusion rippling. To further enhance the experience, I am going to break down the final image into layers. 
I plan on painting a canvas with my own Mark Rothko-inspired interpretation and projecting the rippling projection on top of it. Using my own artistic thumbprint, I'm taking this installation from just a 2D image to a 3D experience that encourages the audience to stop and take a closer look at the portrait. I hope that the Rothko-inspired background will evoke emotions of peace, curiosity, safety, and intrigue. I'm looking forward to seeing if people subconsciously hear the breath while searching for the face. While I had hoped to use the college facilities and work with the music department to record an ASMR version of my breathing, time and deadline constraints made this impossible. But I did record a 2-minute long sound note using Whatsapp that will play on a loop on surround sound speakers in the exhibition. 

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